Ancient Egypt: A small sphinx discovered in Luxor


This is an image of the iconic Egyptian monument, the Great Sphinx of Giza. It guards the Pyramids. This limestone statue was originally carved out of a bedrock of stone.

What is a sphinx? It is a mythical creature with a human head and lion’s body. In Egyptian mythology, the sphinx is depicted as a generous but fierce creature with the head of a pharaoh or god. Pharaohs were Egyptian rulers that were women or men. The Egyptians built sphinx statues to guard important places such as tombs and temples.

Why are we discussing a sphinx? A previously unknown statue of a sphinx has been discovered in Luxor, Egypt. Contrary to many sensationalized news reports, it is much smaller than the famous Great Sphinx of Giza.

Egyptian newspapers are reporting that construction workers stumbled upon this antiquity (old object) while working on the historic Al-Kabbash Road between the famous Luxor and Karnak temples. This find isn’t surprising because similar sphinx statues have been found across Luxor.

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Look at this image. Yes, this is a street lined with the mythical creatures. It’s called the Avenue of the Sphinxes. It once stretched all the way from Luxor to Karnak!

In 2005, the government started a project to restore this historic treasure-lined road to make it more accessible to tourists.  But they had to stop the project midway because of the political instability in the region caused by the country’s civil revolution and a series of terrorist attacks. In 2017 they restarted this project.

Recently the media has been reporting finds such as the buried sarcophagus that has helped revive interest in Ancient Egypt. Authorities hope more antique finds like this will help boost Egypt’s tourism industry that has suffered because of the political instability.

Written by Biyash Choksey. Biyash is a news junkie, manic list maker and passionate foodie.

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