Quiz on the Colosseum and Ancient Rome!



How much do you know about the Colosseum and about the gladiators who fought so bravely in it? Take this quiz to find out!


The word 'arena' comes from a word that means which of the following, in Latin:

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'Arena' comes from the Latin word 'harena' which meant a fine sand. This sand was all over the floor of the arena, in order to soak up the blood from the gladiatorial games they played in these areas.

What were the gladiators named after?

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The word 'gladiator' comes from 'gladius', which was a short sword that the Roman soldiers used, for stabbing!

True / False: Gladiator shows were put on to mark funerals.

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True! The rich would even borrow to put on spectacular gladiator shows to mark the funerals of their loved ones. These funerals would sometimes be years and years after the person had died, because the gladiator shows were also used to gain votes in an election. Those who would put on amazing shows were likely to get elected, while those who put on shabby shows got booed, beaten up, and sometimes even killed!

What was the most popular sport in Ancient Rome?

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Chariot racing was the most popular sport in Ancient Rome. The chariot race course used was the gigantic Circus Maximus.

Why is the arena Colosseum called the Colosseum?

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It is called the Colosseum because it was made next to a 30 metre tall, humongous statue of Roman Emperor Nero!

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