QR Codes – what they are and how we use them!

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QR Codes – what they are and how we use them!
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QR Codes – what they are and how we use them!
Photo Credit: PayTM

Some people put QR codes on their wedding invitations to get presents directly into their PayTM accounts. They also use it to give directions to the venue by coding a link to Google Maps!

QR Codes – what they are and how we use them!
Photo Credit: Orvis

QR codes on a pet's collar can help with the owner's contact information in case the pet gets lost!

QR Codes – what they are and how we use them!
Photo Credit: Evil Cake Genius

Chefs are using QR codes on food and desserts to give messages, and even YouTube videos when they are scanned!

QR Codes – what they are and how we use them!
Photo Credit: QR Code Press

QR codes on sushi!

QR Codes – what they are and how we use them!
Photo Credit: www.techcrunch.com

Facebook has painted a QR code on the roof of its headquarters in California. This is part of their 'Space Hackathon' mission to help aliens find them!


It’s a crossword! It’s a design! No it’s a QR code!

What is a QR code?
A QR code is short for “Quick Response code”. This is a group of black and white squares which have to be scanned for information like addresses, images, messages, and YouTube links.

These nifty patterns seem to be popping up everywhere. You will see them in grocery stores, bathroom stalls, on movie tickets, and even as treasure hunt clues at birthday parties. These are 2D, or 2 dimensional, and store information horizontally and vertically so they can pack more in than we can on barcodes.

Photo of a barcode

Reminder: Barcodes are the vertical lines (one dimensional and directional) that we see on anything we buy from a supermarket. These can store only upto 20 characters (letters and numbers).

Where did QR codes come from?
Denso Wave Inc, a Japanese company, invented the QR code in 1994 as people wanted to pack in more information on the code.

How do use use a QR code? It’s easy!
1. You need to download a QR code reader (it’s free!) on your smart phone or other device.
2. Open the QR reader and point it at the QR code.
3. Scan it, and the link will open.

Check out the gallery for fun ways in which QR codes are being used today!

Written by: Shruti Divecha. Shruti was a graphic and textile designer by profession till her curiosity filled daughter pulled out the writer inside her. She writes stories, GK nuggets and teaches recycled crafts to children.

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