China’s holds its 5 yearly National Congress


China is the second biggest economy in the world, after the United States. That means it is the second largest producer (maker) of goods and services in the world. 

This Asian country has a large skilled workforce and many natural resources. This means that they have a lot of people who are trained in various jobs. And that they have access to things that occur in nature – like coal or oil or minerals. These can be used to make more complicated things. For example, they have a lot of coal, which can be used to generate power.

It is a communist country, ruled by a very powerful central government.

What does that mean? Communism is a form of government. People don’t vote for their leaders in this kind of government. So officials in China meet every five years to decide who will hold the nation’s top spots going forward. This meeting is called the National Congress.

This year, the 19th National Congress was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the nation’s capital, between 18 and 24 October, 2017. Approximately 2,300 Chinese politicians and military personnel attended the congress.

At the opening ceremony, President Xi Jinping addressed the National Congress. In a long speech that lasted for three hours and 23 minutes (phew!) he explained his ideas for the future and outlined the party’s priorities for the next five years.

One of the most important outcomes of this meeting was that President Xi Jinpeng is gaining more and more power and has been re-elected as the General Secretary of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the next 5 years. His being re-elected to this position makes him the leader of the country for this next term.

He also introduced the all powerful group of 25 members who are appointed to run the CCP. This is the Politburo. The Politburo decides how to run China – how to stimulate growth, what their policy is on the environment and other such important matters.


Xi Jinping and other key leaders of China’s Communist Party; Photo Credit: AP



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