Denmark’s ‘burqa ban’


The Danish government has passed a law that bans women from wearing garments that cover or hide their face in public places.  The law seems to be directed at Muslim women who wear face veils such as burqas or niqabs. Denmark has joined countries such as Austria, France, Bulgaria and Belgium that passed similar laws. This type of law is popularly known as the ‘burqa ban’.

The law took effect on August 1, 2018 and from now on, anyone who wears a face veil in public will be punished with a fine.

Editorial credit: oleschwander /; Copenhagen, Denmark – August 1, 2018: Muslim women protest at a demonstration against Danish legislation that bans the use of traditional clothes like burqa and niqab.

Some people are not happy with this ruling as they believe a burqa is a symbol of one’s culture and banning it violates their right to freedom of expression and religion.

Amnesty International is a London based non-government agency that aims at creating a world where every person enjoys human rights. The European director of this agency made this statement: “All women should be free to dress as they please and to wear clothing that expresses their identity or beliefs.” Politicians say that banning the veil will be better and more inclusive for minorities such as the Muslims, because they will then look like everyone else and not be differentiated by their clothing.

What are your thoughts? Does this ban help minorities, in this case Muslim integrate within the larged Danish community? Or does the community feel singled out?

Written by Biyash Choksey. Biyash is a news junkie, manic list maker and passionate foodie.




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