This photo has gone viral. What do you see?



Photo Credit: Instagram; photographer: Jesco Denze

The photo of all these powerful world leaders standing over Donald Trump at the G7 summit has gone viral. If you sit and analyze the photo posted by Merkel’s team on Instagram, it looks like the photographer has caught these powerful G7 leaders in tense negotiations.

Who is the G7?

The G7 is a group of some of the most powerful countries in the world  – Canada, USA, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, United Kingdom. They get together every year along with EU representatives and other guest countries to discuss topics ranging from trade, gender equality, climate change to cleaner oceans. At the end of the summit, the G7 aim to sign a joint statement that outlines the policies and global initiatives they all support. This year things didn’t seem to go as planned – The US refused to sign the joint statement.

Why so?

The Trump administration has placed steel and aluminum tariffs (a duty to be paid on imports) on every member of the G7, and this became a major discussion during talks.

The French and German leaders also wanted President Trump to rethink his position on opting out of the Paris Agreement and the Iran nuclear deal.

Unfortunately, Trump stuck to his “America first” policy. He tried to negotiate better trade deals to reduce his trade deficit (The value America spends on imports is greater than the amount it earns from exports). He also took a hard stance and said that the US was willing to “stop trading” with countries that levy unfair tariffs on US goods.

Some people believe that Trump has negotiating power over the countries as their economy depends on US exports.

To add to the controversy, he also called for Russia to be re-invited to the summit. In case you didn’t know, Russia was kicked out of the group in 2014 after invading Ukraine and annexing Crimea.

There were two days of tense negotiations between the US and the other G7 countries. The other members once known as America’s strongest allies are upset because they came to discuss how they can work together and cooperate but instead left divided. Like in the photo, it seems the G7 might just end up being the G6 plus 1 …

Written By: Biyash Choksey

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