A sad day for Eygpt


Egypt is a country in North Africa. It was in the news because of a very sad incident that took place on Saturday, November 25, 2017.  A Sufi mosque in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt was attacked. Three hundred innocent worshippers were injured and killed. The attackers were said to be carrying IS (Islamic State) flags.

You might wonder what these attackers have against innocent worshipers.

Well a lot of the people at the mosque were Sufi Muslims. The Islamic State has threatened Sufi Muslims in the past, because they say that they dislike the way Sufis worship.

A picture taken on November 25, 2017, shows the Rawda mosque

Sufi Muslims follow Islam, but their practice of Islam is one that encourages people to look inside themselves and to find God there. It utilizes prayer, severe self discipline, chanting, meditation, music and even dance to achieve a deeper understanding or knowledge of God.

This practise is different to the form of Islam that ISIS believes in, which is a very extremist form of the religion. They want the Sufi muslims to give up their form of worship and return to their beliefs.

In retaliation to this violence, the Egyptian military carried out air strikes in the mountainous areas of North Sinai where the militants are believed to hide out.



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