Happy Halloween! Here’s the quiz you have all been waiting for….!


The word 'hallow' means 'saint or holy person'. True or False?

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In the olden days, when the Christianity became the main religion in Europe, 1 November was celebrated as All Saints' Day, and the evening before started to be celebrated as 'All Hallow's Eve' or 'All Saints' Eve' and then was shortened to 'Halloween'!

The treats that most kids love the best on halloween are...

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Kids love chocolates the most!

In some American towns, Halloween was referred to as 'Cabbage Night'. True or False?

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This was because when their ancestors moved to America from Scotland, they brought along a fortune telling game where girls would use cabbage stumps to predict information about their future husbands!

What mammal flies and is linked with Halloween?

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The bat is the flying mammal that symbolises Halloween. Witches are a figment of our imagination... we think!

What word begins with 'C', looks like a pot and is used by witches to brew ingredients like the hair of sloth and the toe of a frog?

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Witches make their potions in cauldrons!

What bone, found in the head, is used as a symbol of Halloween?

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It is the skull...!

What is an ugly, short, green creature that is usually dangerous to humans?

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What does seeing a spider on Halloween signify?

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Seeing spiders is considered lucky in some cultures. Some people believe that they mean that money and success are coming your way. Some people believe that they mean that someone is watching lovingly over you.

Vampire bats originally came from

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Vampire bats were originally found in South America.

Some people believe that people born on Halloween have what particular ability?

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The ability to see and talk to spirits!

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