Quiz Alert! Star Wars – The Last Jedi!


SPOILER ALERT! This quiz is for you if you have watched The Last Jedi. If you haven’t, please ABORT and return once you have watched it!

We’ve been waiting and waiting to publish this quiz – we wanted you to have gone and seen the movie. Good luck and, as alway, May the Force Be With You… you are going to need it!

What rank did Poe Dameron get demoted to in The Last Jedi?

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Leia demotes Poe Dameron from Commander to Captain for defying orders and putting the lives of others in danger.

What is the name of the Jedi island home?

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Ahch-To is where the Jedi Order was born and where the ancient Jedi texts are kept. It is covered by a lot of water, and is home to The Caretakers of Ahch-To, who resemble toads on earth!

Who can shoot force lightning in The Last Jedi?

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Supreme Leader Snoke has mastered the Force so well that he can use Force Lightning - a discharge of electrical energy from his hands, as a weapon. This can be deflected by a lightsaber, but if the target is unprepared or unarmed, he or she will be struck down. Snoke can also use telepathy, force chokes, and throws. Stay away from this guy!

Who is Kylo Ren's grandfather?

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Kylo Ren's real name is Ben Solo. He is the child of Star Wars' ultimate space cowboy, Han Solo, and the powerful Princess, Leia Organa.

Who is the mean version of BB8 in The Last Jedi?

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BB9E is the dark side version of our favourite rollerball droid, BB8!

The creatures that are like space horses, but are a weird mix of a few animals are called ...

Correct! Wrong!

Fathiers are a mix of horse, lion, cat and dog.

What is the name of the casino city that Finn and Rose go to?

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Finn and Rose go on a mission to the planet of Catonica, to the casino city of Canto Bight. This is also the home of the Fathiers, or space horses.

The crystal fox is a creature on the island of Crait. What is it called?

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Who are Supreme Leader Snoke's guards?

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These guards have very cool weapons - heavy double-bladed polearms that can be separated into single-bladed weapons.

Who are Rey's parents said to be?

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Rey is desperate to know who her parents are as she was abandoned by them when she was very young. Kylo Reg tells her that her parents were junk traders who traded her away. Was he right? We will have to watch the next Episode to find out more about this!

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