Alien life on the moon – fact or fiction?


Once upon a time, 4 billion years ago, while our moon was forming, there was a lot of other activity in space as well. There were many meteorites apparently whizzing around and bang-crashing into some planets, bouncing off others, carrying around microbes or other micro-organisms from one to the other. The theory is that if there were conditions that could support life, then these microbes and micro-organisms might have lived there.


First things first:

  • When is it thought that there was life on earth? 3.8 billion years ago. This is when micro-organisms came to earth.
  • When was the moon formed? 4 billion years ago
  • What is a microbe or micro-organism? a teeny-weeny little organism, like a bacteria or fungus.

OK back to our moon. There is a lot of data that has been and continues to be collected about the moon. Scientists study samples from many, many missions. Last year, scientists at Brown University in America found some evidence that there is likely lots of water hidden in the lunar mantle – under the surface of the moon. This is exciting because water can support life.

How did this water get there? They believe that there were probably lots of gaseous eruptions on the moon and that these gases and water vapour condensed and formed pools on the moon’s surface. They think this happened 4 billion years ago when the moon formed, and 3.5 billion years ago as well.

OK so what’s new? Theory of alien life on the moon!

So in the past few days, researchers at Washington State University in America have come up with a theory that since this water that existed at those 2 points in time, it could have supported life. And since there were meteorites whizzing about carrying micro-organisms from one rock to another, there would certainly have existed the chance for life to exist on the moon.

Let’s wait and see how they are able to support this theory!

Written by: Sunaina Murthy. Sunaina is a biotechnologist, writer, greedy reader, and amateur photographer.


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