Largest Dino Footprint Found!


Paleontologists create a cast of the gigantic sauropod print. (University of Queensland)

Paleontologists have discovered extraordinary number of dinosaur tracks (foot prints) in a rocky coastal region of Northwestern Australia. The region is popularly nicknamed “Jurassic Park” as it has been a treasure trove of dinosaur related findings.

Interesting  findings :

They found a footprint of a herbivorous sauropod or long-necked dinosaur, measuring  almost 5-foot-9-inches. This is the world’s biggest dinosaur footprint!

  • The tracks indicate the existence of 21 species of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous Period from 145 – 66 million years ago.
  • Can you imagine that long-necked herbivorous sauropods, two-legged herbivorous ornithopods and armoured dinosaurs all co-existed together at the same time and place ?!?
  • There is also first time evidence to indicating that stegosaurs dinosaurs’ were also found in Australia.

Dr. Steve Salisbury is the lead author of the study and a professor at the University of Queensland. The area’s locals, the Goolarabooloo people,  knew about these tracks and contacted Dr. Salisbury in 2011.

This has not been an easy feat for the various teams involved. They have had to fight off sharks, crocodiles and massive tides to preserve these tracks and unravel these findings!!!!!

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