Is that a gigantic iceberg looming off the west coast of Greenland?


Where is Greenland?

It is physically part of the North American continent but is politically linked with Europe. It is a self-governing territory of Denmark. Almost 80% of this large island is covered with a permanent ice sheet making living conditions pretty difficult. Thus, Greenland it is very scarcely populated.

Every year parts of the ice sheet break off into smaller icebergs that float out into the sea. One such iceberg has been in the news recently.


This mountain sized iceberg that rises to around 100 meters above the water is looming over a small coastal village named Innaarsuit. The residents are used to icebergs, but not this high or this close. This iceberg has cracks forming on the surface and the residents are worried. They are concerned that a large chunk could break off, causing gigantic waves that might flood parts of the village.

As a precaution, some of the 170 residents that live in this village have been moved to higher ground! The Danish Navy is keeping a close watch. The residents are hoping that strong winds and waves move the iceberg further away.

Do you know the story of the British passenger liner Titanic? It tragically sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after it collided with an iceberg, and went down in history as one of the world’s most famous shipwrecks!

Adapted by: Biyash Choksey

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