About hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons!


Hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons are all the same weather phenomenon. Really! Yes, we just use different names for these powerful storms in different places.

They are very large storms whose birth originates in the tropical oceans near the equator. These powerful storms are made up of storm clouds that bring lots of wind and rain. They always swirl around. Storms that form north of the equator spin counterclockwise. Storms south of the equator spin clockwise. The center of the storm is called the “eye.” The eye is actually the part of the storm with the calmest conditions!

Because of their characteristics like strong violent winds, torrential rain, and huge waves from the ocean, these storms can be dangerous . As these storms move from from water to land they often cause damage to homes and cities.

Luckily we have meteorologists. They are scientists who study the atmosphere. Amongst other things they predict the weather  and inform us when a powerful storm is likely to come our way.


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