What is Artificial Intelligence?

Illustration by Shahena Zaveri!

Artificial Intelligence is the science that allows the making of extremely smart computer systems. These computers are given a whole lot of knowledge and information, and are programmed to try and make sense of it like humans do. These may respond when spoken to, can learn, plan, and solve problems.

So what are some examples of AI?

Siri, on the iPhone. You can ask Siri questions, and Siri can communicate with you based on the information that you have accessible on your phone.

Amazon also has a voice command system for the home, called Alexa. Amazon sells a wireless speaker called Echo. Echo is to be placed in a central part of the home, like your living room. Echo comes armed with a computer inside it. This computer learns to recognise your voice, and then interacts with you with its own voice. This  voice recognition service is called Alexa. Talking to Alexa lets you control the conditions of your house and simplify your life.  For example, you can speak to her and say that you need an Uber and she can launch the app for you. She can interact with your home lighting systems so you can just speak to her and tell her you want them brighter or dimmed and she can do that. She can play your music for you, she can read audible books as a good night story to you. Its actually pretty amazing how much she can interact with!


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